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Brian O'Conner (Walker) is a police officer tasked by an LAPD/FBI joint operation with infiltrating the Los Angeles street racing scene, suspected to be the origin of a string of high-speed truck hijackings perpetrated by a trio of black '95 Honda Civics with green neon lighting under the chassis. Brian gets a job at a local shop and works his way up until finally getting an opportunity to compete against elite street racer Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and two other contestants at a large, late-night event. Brian barters his way into the race with the title for his '95 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. O'Conner appears to be ahead in the race, having equipped his Eclipse with Nitrous Oxide tanks for an edge over his competition. However, after using both tanks while in the race he damages his intake manifold, resulting more severe damage to his engine. He loses the race, but gains Toretto's respect when he tracks he arrives in time to prevent Torretto from being collared by the LAPD after their arrival on-scene to break up the race. After losing the police, the duo accidentally venture into Little Saigon area of southern California, and encounter a rival gang led by DK (Johnny Tran) (Yune). After a brief discussion over territory, the gang seems to depart, but Tran and his cousin Lance (Lee) return and open up in a barrage of gunfire with Uzi submachine gun fire on the O'Conners Eclipse, the gunfire ruptures the Nitrous Oxide tanks and the ensuing explosion wrecks the Eclipse, leaving Torretto and O'Conner to complete the rest of their journey home on foot.

The next day, O'Conner is "arrested" by his superior (and handler) in the LAPD, Sgt. Tanner (Levine). They arrive at the operations headquarters, a repossessed home said to have been originally built for Elizabeth Taylor by Eddie Fisher. Once inside, Sgt. Tanner and Special Agent of the FBI Bilkins (Barry) voice their suspicions that Toretto may be the perpetrator of the hijackings and caution Brian to keep an appropriate distance so his judgment is not clouded. Since Brian's first encounter with Toretto, the duo become close friends, provoking the jealousy of Dominic's long-time best friend Vince (Schulze). Simultaneously, Brian becomes romantically involved with Toretto's sister Mia (Brewster). Since the Eclipse that Dominic won the title too was destroyed, Brian saw to it that Dominic be repaid appropriately, and so managed to present Dominic with a totaled '94 Toyota Supra to use as a blank canvas, and offers his talent as a driver to repay his debt.


While on his own, Brian investigates the other participants in the street racing crowd and discovers a cache of electronics hidden in the back of Tran's auto shop including 3 Honda Civics with no engines, and agrees to the police and FBI to raid the garage and Tran's house believing them to be the perpetrators of the hijackings. However, a connection is not found, as the electronics were legally purchased by Tran. Tanner and Bilkins again express their belief that Toretto is behind the hijackings and informs him that truckers all over the state are preparing to take up arms against the hijackers. Seeing his opportunity to break the case slipping away, Brian directly confronts Toretto about how he gets his income. Toretto agrees to reveal the source as long as Brian proves himself at the upcoming Race Wars, a legitimate closed-track event for auto enthusiasts held at a closed United States Air Force Base. Early on at Race Wars, Toretto's friend Jesse (Lindberg) races his imprisoned father's '95 Volkswagen Jetta against Tran's '00 Honda S2000 for pink slips and loses. In a state of panic, Jesse hastily flees the track instead of surrendering his car. Later that night, Toretto and his gang go out to do another hijacking. Brian, now feeling out of time, confesses to Mia that he is an undercover cop and tells her that the truckers are now armed. He convinces her to come with him to save her brother and his friends. Mia reluctantly relents, and goes along with Brian to find Dominic and the team. Mia informs Brian that Dominic stashes the Civic's outside of Thermal. Brian then dials an operator service and gives his serial number to verify his claim as a police officer. He then hands the phone over to Mia who gives Toretto's cell phone number to track him down to where the Civics heading outside of Coachella. During the hijacking, member Vince is severely injured after the trucker pulls out a shotgun and shoots him in his side and the grappling wire to which he was connected becomes tangled around his arm. The other team members attempt to help, but are thwarted by the trucker, who causes Toretto's girlfriend Letty (Rodriguez) out of control and crashing off the embankment on the side of the highway. Brian comes arrives, rescues Vince with Mia's help, and jumps off the truck just before the truck driver fires out of the window after reloading. Dominic arrives on-scene to find Brian and Mia crouched over Vince out in the field to which they pulled off the highway in, attempting slow the bleeding from the lacerations on his arm. Brian makes the difficult decision of blowing his cover wide open by phoning in for a medivac, revealing his status as an undercover officer in Dominic's presence. Dominic is visibly enraged, but contains his anger and after Vince is airlifted from the scene, forces Mia to return home with him, Letty and Leon.

Back at Toretto's house, Brian attempts to confront Toretto, who is out to look for Jesse before Tran's gang does. Just at that moment, Jesse shows up. Tran and his cousin suddenly appear and perform a drive-by shooting at the house, killing Jesse. Brian and Toretto go after them, with Toretto using his late father's prized '70 Dodge Charger, a treasure that Dominic revealed to Brian in an earlier scene, letting Brian in on the secrets of his past. Brian maintains close pursuit of the Tran and Lance, though Lance pulls off the road in an attempt to flank Brian. Just as Lance is about to open fire on Brian from behind, Toretto appears and forces the cousin off a road embankment while Brian shoots Tran, killing him. Brian and Dominic then engage in an impromptu street race, narrowly missing a passing train. Toretto, however, is injured after he sideswipes a passing semi-truck, sending his Charger up in mid-air before crashing violently. Instead of arresting him, Brian hands the keys of the Supra they built together over to Dominic, and lets him escape, recalling how desperately Dominic wishes to avoid prison time again. After the end credits, Toretto is seen driving through Baja California in a '70 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and his voice can be heard saying, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters. For those ten seconds or less.... I'm free." — recalling a crucial line from an earlier scene when Brian and him are in his home garage where Dominic revealed the Dodge Charger (and the story behind it) to Brian.

After allowing fugitive Dominic Toretto to evade arrest in the first film, former LAPD officer Brian O'Conner finds himself on the run and leaves Los Angeles for Miami to start a new life. There, he makes new friends with Tej Parker (Ludacris), an ex-street racer, and Jimmy (Jin Auyeung), a well-known car tuner as well as Suki (Devon Aoki), also a street racer. Brian is now known by his street name "Bullet" due to his driving skills and his modified silver Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. He competes with fellow street racers in high stakes races to win money using the skills he learned as a member of Toretto's now disbanded team.


One night after winning a race, he is caught by U.S. Customs agents after his car is disabled by the fictional grappling hook-shaped ESD (Electronic System Disabler) that is deployed by Agent Markham (James Remar). Upon his arrest, Brian is offered a deal by Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Bilkins (Thom Barry) to take part in a joint Customs/FBI operation in exchange for his criminal record being wiped clean. The operation involves his street racing background, but seeing that neither Customs nor the FBI have a convincing racer to be his partner, Brian tells Bilkins he will select a partner of his own.


Brian and Bilkins travel to Barstow, California, to watch a demolition derby. There, they meet up with local champion Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), a former friend of Brian who had served jail time and is on house arrest. Their reunion starts with a fist fight until Brian convinces Roman to join him on the mission in exchange for his crimes pardoned and his ankle monitor removed. They return to Miami, where they are debriefed on their mission - which is to go undercover as street racers and participate in a money laundering run for a South American (Argentine) drug lord named Carter Verone (Cole Hauser). They are assisted by Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes), a female undercover U.S. Customs agent who liaisons as Carter's love interest. For their mission, Brian and Roman are issued two modified cars - a green Mitsubishi Lancer OZ rally (with a complete evolution vii conversion) and a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Spyder, respectively.


The duo participate in an audition race across Miami to recover a package inside an impounded Ferrari 360 Modena and deliver it to Verone, not knowing that their cars are equipped with tracking devices that give Markham's squad their locations. Upon arriving at the site of the Ferrari and acquiring the package, they are cornered by Markham and his squad, who think they are fleeing from the mission. Roman opens fire at the squad before the duo make their escape and head for Verone's mansion.

After being hired by Verone as his drivers, the duo go to a Customs/FBI hideout, where Roman confronts Markham over the latter's interference with the mission. After the situation is cooled down, Brian tells Bilkins and Markham that Verone plans to smuggle the money into his private jet and fly off, but also suspects something wrong with Monica's role in the mission. The duo then head to Tej's garage, where they learn about the tracking devices in their cars and that they are also being tailed by Verone's henchmen Enrique (Mo Gallini) and Roberto (Roberto Sanchez).

That night, Brian and Roman meet up with Verone at his night club, where Verone tortures Detective Whitworth (Mark Boone, Jr.) into giving him a 15-minute window to keep the police away from their laundering run. They report this back to their superiors the next morning, but Brian suspects that this mission will go out of hand due to Markham's hair-trigger attitude against them, along with information secretly told by Monica that the drop-off point is at a secluded airstrip and Verone is to have the duo executed after the run. As a solution to these problems, Brian and Roman come up with plans of their own.


They issue a challenge to racers Korpi (John Cenatiempo) and Darden (Eric Etebari) - two other drivers from the audition race - for pink slips in a tag-team relay race. Despite having smaller engines than Korpi's Chevrolet Camaro Yenko S/C and Darden's Dodge Challenger R/T, the duo manage to win the race and take possession of the two muscle cars. Afterward, they have Tej and his gang modify the muscle cars and have him get all the street racers ready for the next day.


On the day of the mission, Brian and Roman begin transporting duffel bags of Verone's money with Enrique and Roberto riding along. Before the 15-minute window is set, Detective Whitworth decides to call in the police to move in for the arrest, resulting in a high-speed chase across the city. The duo lead the police to a warehouse, where a scramble by dozens of street racers disorient the police. Following the scramble, police manage to pull over the Evo and the Eclipse, only to find out that they were driven by Tej and Suki, respectively. In the midst of the chaos, Brian and Roman manage to lose the cops by using the muscle cars.


As Brian approaches the destination point, Enrique tells him to make a detour away from the airfield. Meanwhile, Roman gets rid of Roberto by using an improvised ejector seat powered by nitrous oxide. At the airfield, Customs agents have Verone's plane and convoy surrounded, only to discover they are duped into a decoy maneuver while Verone is at a boat yard several miles away. As he knew Monica was an undercover agent, he gave her the wrong information on the destination point. When Brian arrives at the intended drop-off point, Enrique prepares to kill him when Roman suddenly appears, with both of them dispatching Enrique. Verone makes his escape aboard his private yacht, but Brian and Roman use the Camaro and drive off a ramp at high-speed, crashing on top of the yacht. The duo manage to apprehend Verone and save Monica. With their crimes pardoned, Brian and Roman ponder on what to do next other than to settle in Miami when Brian mentions starting a garage. Roman asks how they would afford that and Brian reveals that Roman's pockets aren't empty. Roman secretly took some cash from the confiscated duffel bags.

Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), a 17-year-old teenager with a talent for auto mechanics, has led a life of getting into trouble. His mother had to relocate to different cities and states with him every time his problems at school or with the local authorities escalated enough. One day, in Arizona, he gets into a street race against the high school quarterback. Both men crash their cars during the race and are sent to the police station. The incident almost lands Sean in jail, and his mother, deciding not to deal with moving again, sends him to Tokyo, Japan, to live with his father, who is stationed as a U.S. Naval officer. Upon arriving at his father's home in Tokyo, he is warned by his father not to stir up any trouble, or he will return to the U.S. to serve jail time.


At his private school, Sean meets Twinkie (Bow Wow), a fellow American, who hustles imported pre-owned goods to their Japanese classmates. That night, Twinkie and his gang bring Sean to a carpark and introduce him to the world of drift racing. Sean soon runs into Takashi (Brian Tee) - also known as DK (short for Drift King) - and his close friend Han Lue (Sung Kang), who was born and raised in America. Sean is seen by Takashi talking to Neela (Nathalie Kelley), Takashi's Australian girlfriend, and when Takashi tells him to stay away, Sean challenges him to a race. Due to Sean's lack of drifting skills, Takashi easily defeats him in his Grey And Black Nissan 350Z, and Sean winds up wrecking Han's Nissan S15 . The next day, Han meets Sean after school and tells Sean that he must work for him to repay the damage done to his car. Sean soon learns that Han is involved in a business partnership with Takashi.

Han becomes Sean's friend, and takes him under his wing when he leaves his father's home, teaching him how to drift, and providing him with a Red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX to race with,and some financial support. Han does this because Sean is the only one unafraid of Takashi (calling him Takashi's "kryptonite"). Sean slowly builds a reputation in the drift scene, and befriends Neela, who is also Sean's classmate. Neela reveals that she, like Sean, was also considered a gaijin once, not being native to Japan. She explains that she and Takashi grew up together after her mother died. However, after seeing Sean with Neela and learning of their time spent together, Takashi beats Sean up and warns him to stay away from Neela. Angry after seeing Sean's bruises, Neela leaves Takashi to be with Sean.


Takashi's uncle Kamata, a high ranking Yakuza (Sonny Chiba), tells him that there is a discrepancy in the books, and that Han must be cheating them out of money. Takashi confronts Han and his group with this discrepancy, and Han, Sean, and Neela flee before Takashi deals with the money laundering. A car chase ensues through the Tokyo streets with Takashi and his right-hand-man Morimoto pursuing Han, Sean and Neela. During the chase, Han's car is broadsided by a car at an intersection and lands upside-down. As Sean and Neela approach Han's Mazda RX-7, a gasoline leak erupts into a fire, causing the car to explode, killing Han.


Sean and Neela return to his father's house when Takashi arrives to take Neela and kill Sean. Before he can do so, Sean's father intervenes. Neela voluntarily goes away with Takashi. As Sean has already caused trouble in Tokyo, his father tells him to pack his bags and leave the country, but Sean begs him to stay so he can clean his mess.

Sean meets up with Twinkie, who hands him a bag with the money Han laundered from Kamata. Sean attempts to make amends by appealing to Kamata, returning the money and offering to challenge Takashi to an "honor race", a duel where whoever loses leaves town. The race is on a tōge (mountain pass) that Takashi has the advantage on, since he's supposedly the only one to ever make it down to the bottom in one piece. Since all of the other cars were confiscated by the police, Sean and his team use the engine, an RB26DETT, from the S15 Silvia Sean had ruined in his first race. Sean, Twinkie, and Han's crew borrow his father's car, a black 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, and work on it. After transplanting the Nissan engine and doing some upgrades, as well as test runs on the mountains, the old Mustang is fully modified for the race.


After a long race battle in the mountains, Sean wins while Takashi survives a last-minute crash. Takashi's loss causes him great humiliation since he still considers Sean to be an "outsider". Kamata tells Sean he is free to go, and Takashi presumably leaves Tokyo. Neela gets back with Sean.

Not too long after the race, Sean becomes the new Drift King and is hanging out in the carpark with his crew and Neela. Twinkie comes up to Sean, saying someone who has been defeating racers all over Asia wants to challenge him, to which Sean accepts only after finding out the challenger knew Han. Sean pulls up his Nissan S15 next to a silver Plymouth Road Runner and sees the mystery driver as none other than Dominic Toretto (portrayed by Vin Diesel from the first film). Toretto tells Sean that Han was a close friend of his back in the U.S. and he won the Roadrunner from him. Neela counts off the race and the cars take off around the first corner.

Dominic Toretto and his new crew are hijacking fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic. The crew consists of Letty, Tego, Don Omar, and Han Lue. After a heist, Dominic believes that the trail is too hot and leaves Letty to go elsewhere. While he is in Panama City, Toretto gets a call from his sister Mia. She tells him that Letty has been murdered. Dom heads back to Los Angles and examines the car crash that Letty was in and finds traces of nitromethane. Dom then goes to the only car mechanic that uses nitromethane and coerces him into giving him the name David Park, the man who ordered the fuel.


Meanwhile, FBI agent Brian O'Conner is trying to track down a drug dealer named Arturo Braga. His search leads him to David Park. Dom arrives at Park's apartment first and hangs him out of the window by his ankles before letting go. Brian, who was also on his way to Park's place, saves Park and Park becomes the FBI's new informant. Park gets Brian into a street race through Los Angeles; the winner will become the last driver on a team that traffics heroin between the United States-Mexico border,Brian selects a modified Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 from the Impound Lot, and Dom races with his modified 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS . Dom also shows up to race. Two drivers are killed during the race. Dom wins the race by bumping Brian's car, making him lose control. Brian uses his power as an FBI agent to arrest another driver, Dwight Mueller, and takes his place on the team.

The day after, the team meets Fenix, one of Braga's men. It was revealed to Dom that Fenix was the person who murdered Letty. They drive across the border, using underground tunnels to avoid detection. Brian had prior knowledge that after the heroin was delivered Braga ordered the drivers to be killed (he was able to plant Letty undercover to capture Braga in exchange for Dom's freedom when she was murdered), and after a tense stand-off, Dom wrecks his car to distract Braga's men and Brian hijacks a Hummer with USD $60 million worth of heroin. Both Dom and Brian drive back to Los Angeles. They hide the heroin in a police impound lot where Brian picks up a modified Subaru Wrx Sti. The next day, Brian tells his superiors that he can lure Braga into a trap, forcing him to personally show up to exchange money for the heroin, so that the police can arrest him. He says he will do this if they will pardon Dom. At the drop site, however, the man who claims to be Braga is a decoy and Campos, the real Braga, escapes and flees to Mexico.

Brian and Dom head out to Mexico on their own to catch Braga. They find him at a church and apprehend him. As Braga's henchmen come down to rescue their leader, Brian and Dom drive through the underground tunnels back to the United States. During the final moments of the chase, Brian crashes his car and is injured after being T-boned by Fenix at the end of the tunnel. Before Fenix can kill Brian, Dom, who was not far behind, drives into and kills Fenix. As police and helicopters start streaming to the crash site on the U.S. side, Brian tells Dom to get out of there. Dom says he is tired of running. Despite Brian's request for clemency, the judge sentences Dom to 25 years to life. In the last scene of the movie, Dom boards a prison bus that will take him to Lompoc penitentiary. As the bus drives down the road, Mia and Brian, along with Tego and Don Omar (who assisted in the Dominican Republic heists), arrive in their cars to intercept it.