The Fast And Furious Series Cars from the Film


'95 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS.

Still mechanically similar to the Eagle Talon, the redesigned 1995 Eclipse got dual airbags, more-rounded styling, a larger interior, and a new base engine. Although the coupe's wheelbase grew by 1.6 inches, it measured slightly shorter overall. Eclipse came in four models. The base RS, GS, and GS-T had front-wheel drive, while the top-line GSX was equipped with all-wheel drive. All models had 5-speed manual transmission or optional 4-speed automatic. The RS and GS used a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. GS-T and GSX models used a turbocharged 4-cylinder, rated at 205 or 210 horsepower. Antilock brakes were optional on all models. Video

'99 Skyline GT-R R34

The GT-BNR34(R34) Skyline GT-R and GT-R V-spec models were released in January 1999. The R34 GT-R was also made to be shorter (from front to rear), and the front overhang was reduced. The valve covers were also painted glossy red, rather than dull black.

A new feature on the R34 GT-R is a 5.8" LCD multifunction display on the center of the dashboard, which shows seven different live readings of engine and vehicle statistics such as turbocharger pressure ( 1.2 bar max ), oil and water temperature, among others. The GT-R V-spec model added two extra features to the display: intake and exhaust gas temperatures.Nismo Multi-function Displays (MFD)can be bought at an extra cost, they include a lap timer , G-Force meter and an increase in boost pressure measurement to 2 bar. The R34 GT-R was made shorter in response to customer concerns who thought the R33 was too bulky.Video

'02 Nissan Fairlady 350Z.

Launched in 2002, Nissan's 350Z (called Fairlady in Japan) was an instant success in the US and Japan - and due to its limited numbers of 500/year in the UK, the shortage has caused long waiting lists - which make importing one particularly interesting. There are 4 trim levels in Japan, the Base model which has 17" alloys and no leather, the Version S which has the 18" alloys, Brembo brakes, Sports suspension and Sprots Dynamic Control, the Luxury Version T with its 17" Alloys, heated Leather seats, and Bose Sound System and the Version ST which combines the Sport and Luxury features of the S and T (Equ GT Pack UK) - Note many Version Ts have the GT pack so enquire. All cars have Climate control and most have BOSE sound. We import very many of these cars and are very familiar with them. Prices are very attractive with many of our buyers using them for 6 months and selling them on for profit. Full spec data is provided below. The Nissan 350Z is available as a coupé and more recently as a roadster. Chassis designated Z33, it is also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z. The Nissan 350Z six-gear two-seater was introduced in August 2002. It is the fifth generation of Nissan's Z-car line. In 2004, Nissan introduced the 350Z Roadster version. Basic Engine Data: 3.5 L VQ35DE V6 engine Power: 287 hp (214 kW) available in 6Speed and Auto (import only). Torque:260 ft·lbf (352 N·m) Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in approx 5.6s - Top speed: 156 mph (251 kmph) electronically limited. Video

'70 Dodge Charger.

Continuing on the same basic body shell, introduced with the 1968 model, the 1970 Charger came with a new chrome loop bumper that was popular with early 1970s Chrysler products. Model lineup changed- the basic Charger was now complemented by the Charger 500 and of course, the performance Charger R/T. The new Charger 500 model was not at all the same as the 1969 version, but rather a more upscale version of the regular Charger. Most noticeable for 1970, though, was the fact that the unique Daytona Charger was not available.

The Charger 500 included vinyl bucket seats (bench seats were standard on the base Charger) electric clock, wheel lip moldings and the 500 nameplate on the front and rear of the car. Beyond that, all the regular Charger options were optionally available.

The Special Edition package was optional on the Charger 500 and R/T and included leather bucket eats, simulated wood steering wheel and dash appliqué, pedal dress up, light group, vinyl map pockets on the doors and deep dish wheel covers.

The Charger R/T got a reverse facing door mounted scoop with R/T identification, a choice of longitudinal or Bumble Bee stripes and the same suspension and brakes from 1969. An additional engine was added to the R/T option list, the 390 hp. 440 Six Pack that first appeared on the 1969-1/2 Road Runner and Super Bee. The only difference was that the 1970 version of the Six Pack engine came with a cast-iron intake manifold rather than the previous Edelbrock aluminum unit.

The 440 Six Pack also came with stronger connecting rods to combat 69-1/2 high rpm failures, Lubrite faced camshaft and the oil control rings had increased tension.

For emission reasons, the mighty 426 Hemi got a hydraulic lifter camshaft for 1970. Also for emission reasons a carburetor solenoid stop was added. The engine, though, was still rated at 425 hp. Besides these engines, engine availability was unchanged from the 1969 models.Video